Make Great Memories at Quino’s ( Happy 2nd Year! )


I’m definitely back in the City and grinding up a bit to catch up as to where I left off. I had enough travels to here and there and I could really use a chill down this time in my own city. As the heat of the day arises and the busy street of the City of smiles seems to be crowded more than ever, followed by an unexpected downpour of rain I certainly needed some comfort. One of the best place to get a fill of both comfort, sweetness overload, striking caffeine, hotdog sandwich and burger lovin is at Quino’s,

Quino’s Mandalagan Branch 05/18/16

Owned and managed by John Anthony and Ann Ledesma,


I have always been a fan of their product from the start, and with full confidence I can assure you that “Making Great Memories” at this place will be worth it.


Humble Beginnings

Named after their firstborn son Quino; this home based business started out to be a faith stretching season for the couple. With no business background or marketing course or professional culinary education, they have dared to dream the impossible.


The price of taking risk, praying countless prayers and living it all up to God, was surely worth it. When asked how they went about starting they simply replied, “we prayed for a small business that we can handle while taking care of our kids”


One might say that anyone can put up a business just as long as your pocket permits it, but i beg to differ; this couple didn’t have it all, especially when it comes to their finances, their bank account didn’t seem to look as pleasing as it was. In Ate Ann’s words, “God gave us wisdom on how to handle the meager resources we had to open up a business”

Personal Favorites

As a regular costumer, Glady’s ( Senior Staff ) would always serve my usual fave on the list

Puffyanni and brewed coffee ❤

*check out my IG page for more Quino’s memories I had at


What’s on the list:

Photo featured are from Quino’s official facebook page:



Quino’s has already made a name for themselves for the past 2 years, and people outside Bacolod City can now get a taste of Quino’s food and pastries. Hard boxes are now available for you guys to bring as Pasalubongs to your friends and love ones.


In season or in out of season

What I look forward to every week or any other special holiday is their surprising promos that goes together with the weather. Just this May 9 they had the buy 2 + 1 free on their frappuccino , just a few weeks ago they also showered some tickets for customers to avail discounts.


Whats next this summer? keep yourself updated and visit their FB page and also tag them on Instagram : @quinoscafe

Happy Birthday Quino’s!

This coming Friday May 20, 2016 Quino’s will celebrate their 2nd year and we are all invited to celebrate with them. It will be a 3 day (May 20 to 22 ) ALL OUT Birthday Promo, I guess i’ll catch y’all there.


The Future Is Bright

There are 3 branches within the city, 1st and main branch is situated at Centro Ascalon Building Mandalagan.



If you’re somewhere up north you can also drop by at The District Ayala Malls




And if you live at the heart of Bacolod City you may also visit their Branch at 2nd Floor 888 Premier Mall.



Make Great Memories, the sweetest way. See you at Quino’s!



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